GAFA A Family Called Samoa

Exquisite timing is vital in a work of oceanic proportions. In GAFA: A Family Called Samoa, every shift was impeccably timed. I took a bus to Battersea & came home from Samoa!

Dr. M.J. Hamilton, Regents University London

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Speak. Sing. See. Sway. Strut

Incarcerated by the German administration on a distant island, Samoan chief I’iga Pisa makes his daring escape by canoe. A leader of the Mau a Pule independence movement, his epic odyssey home to Samoa becomes our journey too as we use the arts to navigate through the post-colonial experience of identity, connection and emancipation. Come and join us as we walk forward into the past touching both history and legend.

Highlights from GAFA: A Family Called Samoa 2013

Highlights from GAFA: A Family Called Samoa 2012

For me it was a very honest interpretation on how lost we Samoans feel at times, especially on identifying with the New Zealand culture as ours. The singing as she (the Taupou) walked out was very emotional and made me very homesick for Samoa!
- Monica Galetti, Samoan Master Chef


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